Snippet – The tale of my vasectomy.

Embarking on a Vasectomy

Well the moment of decision came: Robyn was 6 months old and we knew we didn’t want to add to our numbers. Two girls, two puppies and we knew this was our family completed. We didn’t want it to get any more hectic than it already was!

After seeing my GP for a quick chat for the referral, there was only two questions really had. Would it hurt? How long would it hurt for? Being a stay-at-home Dad and my primary ‘job’ being the carer to the two little munchkins, I didn’t want to be out of action for days. Having seen the missus go through two difficult labours, and watching her recover while looking after our new arrival, I knew it couldn’t be that bad…



I felt less nervous on the morning of the surgery and on my way to the hospital, than at any time over the weeks leading up to it. I guess apprehension gets its hooks into the mind more effectively when you’re just twiddling your thumbs and waiting.

The surgeon was very polite and approachable; he explained the procedure with some very useful and amusing charts. He was courteous and serious, but with a nice hint of humour once he realised it was appropriate. My sense of humour can be slightly warped sometimes. He even mentioned that it was possible to opt for a general anaesthetic if I felt unable to face having it under a local. I opted for the local.

I went into the theatre at about 13:45pm. The anaesthetic was a less painful injection than a dental injection, and I didn’t feel any sharp pains from the incisions at all. The tugging sensations as the tubes were pulled out were quite unpleasant. The local anaesthetic acted on the scrotum only: not its contents or their abdominal connections. So, yes – unpleasant, but not too distressing for me. Right through the op there was a nurse sitting just by my left shoulder, chatting and generally keeping an eye on my emotional state and my vital signs. All the theatre staff were professionally sharp, but good-humoured, and the flow of mild banter helped keep my mind off the tugging. I was out into the recovery about 20-25 minutes later, wearing my tight briefs (I know that image will stay with you forever), and dropping two paracetamol before the anaesthetic wore off.

Once home from the clinic I had hardly any pain, and only a low level of discomfort: a sort of low, dull throb which wasn’t very obtrusive, and the occasional slight twinge when I stood up. I kept myself dosed up to the eyeballs with paracetamol and ibuprofen for about three days.

The days following: Post op.  

I definitely had more aches and pains in the days following the op. Thankfully I had help looking after the little munchkins (thanks Mum), so I was able to just sit around for the first few days. Going to the loo involved a few twinges whilst removing briefs, but nothing excessively painful. There doesn’t seem to be too much swelling, and the bruising looks more red than “black and blue”. I dare say it’ll pass through. It’s oddly reassuring that I’m not getting off completely free pain-wise.

I think my “getting off lightly” so far is probably down to:

(1) Luck

(2) The skill of the surgeon and theatre staff – it was done by a full team.

(3) My being *extremely* careful, especially during the first 24 hours or so. I basically moved as little as possible.

On day 5 post op, to celebrate I even tried a quick “solo flight” – first outing since the op – and was relieved to find everything still in working order. I guess that’s a common anxiety: Will it still work?. Well, it does, and I’m now looking forward to the first “dual flight” once the tenderness has receded a bit further.

A week on I just have the occasional mild twinge when I first stand up. There’s a very mild dull ache constantly in the background, but to be honest it’s not enough to be a distraction even.

I would never belittle the experiences of those who’ve had a far more painful and distressing experience than I’ve had – so far, touch wood. I think it’s important that the positive experiences get reported too, to give those who come later a balanced picture.

I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh yes – one last thing. The hair’s started growing back now. Prickles and itching… lots of itching!

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  1. I hope the day will never come for me to face it, maybe I’ll die first. Wife wants 5 more kids though, so for the meantime I’ll stay whole. Good write for those having to go through, or thinking about it. There is such a phobia about the whole thing in general…Thanks for the honesty. Hope you aren’t itching for too long lol.


  2. A great read, you have a super writing style! Personally, I’m not at a point in my life where I would say enough is enough. It’s a big change to make, to voluntarily remove the possibility of reproducing ever again. Hats off to you for getting through it so well!


  3. For a guy on the verge on the procedure, I appreciated your blog. Had to laugh at the ‘solo flight’ comment. I guess if you could knock one out so soon after, it can’t be that bad huh?
    Thanks again and happy seedless delivery, I hope to be in the club soon!


  4. Your experience sounds exactly like mine! I can’t believe you got a gown to wear though, I had to drop trou and lift my shirt up 😂

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  5. Thanks for sharing your experience. Husband is thinking of having the snip… mainly because I’m bloody petrified of having another kid. Like you, we have two girls and two pups and that’s more than enough. He hasn’t quite made the decision yet as he’s worried that it will hurt and that he will regret the decision. So I might send him this to read.

    Oh and love the photos! Thank you for covering your arse though! 😉

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