Uniform of a SAHD


Having worn shirts five-days a week for more years than I like to recall back when I was a corporate jerk, the last thing I want to do is wear a shirt when I don’t have to. Some blokes like to wear a casual shirt, but that just ruins my ‘university-student look’. Instead, I normally go for a good, old t-shirt.

When in the house, the choice of t-shirt I wear is determined by a simple process: If there is a t-shirt on the floor next to my bed and it doesn’t smell, then I will put it on. If there isn’t a t-shirt, or it smells, then I’ll take the first one I find in the wardrobe. I’ve never been a fan of creating washing for the sake of it, so baby excretions and/or body odour tends to be my yardstick.

I have a fair few t-shirts. Because I’m a bit of a rebel, you’ll find many different colours and logos in my wardrobe. I might be wearing a sci-fi related one on Monday and Tuesday, a cheeky Kids TV related one might be worn on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, whilst a Marvel/DC logo may be present on my Saturday and Sunday t-shirt. It really is that mental.

I normally get my t-shirts – or tees as us cool kids like to call them – from places like Tesco or Primark, however that does mean you’re at risk of bumping into someone with the same top. In an effort to find something a bit different,  I’ve recently come to an agreement with the missus, who will buy me a custom made tee every month if I do all my chores and eat all my greens. Fair to say I know where all my t-shirts are coming from now!


That’s my, let’s admit it, pretty sexy look.

In addition to my weekly blog posts, I’ll be sharing the latest addition to my ever growing collection of Geek wear. Let me know in the comments below what awesome tees you have in your collection.

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