My Sunday Photo

This week my #MySundayPhoto is; A very rare photo indeed.


A photo of my two girls actually playing together.

To some, it might seem like just a normal photo but for us, it is something special. Olivia being the way she is, she doesn’t deal with change very well. Robyn’s arrival was no exception.

When we took Liv to the hospital just after Robyn was born to introduce the two sisters, Olivia looked upon her new little sister as a monster with two heads, as I am sure all older siblings do with the arrival of a new baby.

Once we got Robyn home from the hospital, it took Olivia 12 days to even go near her. She has slowly got use her over the course of the last nine months and has grown to love her little sister and takes great pride in showing her off whenever we go out. It has only been in the last month that Olivia has really embraced what it means to be a big sister. She has been playing with her more, reading to her (as is seen in the photo), and chasing her around pretending to be a giant.

So when I heard the two playing and Olivia reading to her little sister, it definitely qualified for a photo.

I am pretty sure that as they get older and with the age gap only been two years, they will become the best of friends.

However, I need to add that it didn’t last long. Five seconds after taking this photo Olivia decided that she didn’t want to be near Robyn anymore and took herself off into “Daddy’s bed”

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