Living with a drama queen toddler

As a parent, I don’t think there’s anything more stressful than a toddler having a tantrum. Like a little ticking time bomb, you’re never sure when and where they’re going to go off, or what the cause may be. Although a toddler in the middle of a fit of rage is hard work, seeing their outbursts is pretty funny.

I know I probably shouldn’t laugh when Olivia is having a shit fit, but it’s tough not to.

To be fair to her, she doesn’t have that many. She can be a bit whingey and teary depending on her mood, which is usually one of two things; she’s either tired, hungry or both. Which we have code named “Hangry” or “Tiangry.”

On the whole, though, she’s not bad. I think I should count myself lucky as her brain isn’t wired (yet) to maximise the embarrassment and go all Incredible Hulk in public, and making me look like an incompetent parent.


My understanding of a toddler tantrum, is they’re often down to kids feeling frustrated at not being able to get their point across. I hope that the way to talk to, listen to and the way we communicate as a family is helping to keep Olivia’s tantrums to a minimum.

We’ve managed to spot the signs that one is about to happen. In the moments leading up to an eruption she’ll often; get pretty sulky, burying her face into a cushion or her hands, the bottom lip will come out and she’ll go really quiet. Normally she’ll start uttering phrases like, “I want something else” and “I want to.”

My next move is often the one which dictates whether she’s going to tantrum or not. Sadly, however, I have yet to develop an appropriate response that actually stops her from having a tantrum, without resorting to using a tranquillizer gun.

IMG_20170430_130815_930 (1)


So, as is the custom, I thought I’d share some of the reasons why Olivia has had a tantrum recently. In no particular;

  1. I didn’t allow her to dip a wet wipe in tomato sauce and then suck the wet wipe.
  2. She’s too tired to go to sleep.
  3. She wants to take her clothes off because she’s warm, but in public.
  4. She wanted to stay and play at Grandma’s house
  5. Robyn was touching my shoes and she didn’t want her too.
  6. I put Bing on the TV instead of Peppa Pig.
  7. We don’t have any more apples.
  8. She doesn’t want to go to the shop to buy more apples.
  9. I wouldn’t let her eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast.
  10. Because I wanted to have a poo… alone.
  11.  She wouldn’t get off the chair that she decided that she wanted to sit on because I was sitting on it.
  12. She didn’t see the danger in sitting on her potty as she sat on the sofa and therefore took offence to me politely asking her to come down.
  13. I decided to see how long I could cuddle her for before she had a tantrum.
  14. Because I took her tea away after she told me she’d finished.
  15. Because Robyn looks at her, breathes on her, attempted to touch her.


Or is it just me and is she was well within her rights to go mental?

What’s the stupidest thing your kid has had a meltdown over? Let me know below…


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5 replies

  1. Oh bless. It’s funny isn’t it. I try not to laugh in front of her, though sometimes it’s hard. Learning to communicate and their position in the world is a journey. Hope you got to have a pooh in peace. #ThatFridayLinky


  2. This could of been written about my twin girls Haha ! It’s fun being a parent not great read Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week


  3. Yup, got a ‘Hangry’ one right here too! Mind you, it’s definitely genetic, I’m the same. Have lost count of the number of amazing shows/events she’s missed the best part of because a snack was more important right then! Great read.


  4. Sounds very familiar. Best one was when my husband…. sneezed. She had a massive fit about it 😂 slightly ashamed to say I took photos!



  1. From Drama Queen To Diva – Dadtastic Voyage

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