My Sunday photo

This week my #MySundayPhoto is; playing hide and seek under the table.


Over the past couple of months, Robyn has come on in leaps and bounds. She seemed to be a little baby for such a long time, not really doing much but then everything seems to have happened at once.

She has gone from just being able to lay down to sitting up, to crawling and now standing and walking along furniture.

But the real change has come in the form of playing “Where’s Robyn gone?” What I mean by this is; she raises her arms above her head, believing that she’s disappeared. The only way we can get her to put them down again is to keep saying “Where’s Robyn gone” It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. It would be even cuter but sometimes to can go on for a while… A long while.

So I decided to choose this photo because during a game of hide and seek which Olivia and I were playing. During the game, Robyn had crawled under the table. When I looked down to see where she’d gone, I found her with her arms above her head playing along with the game.

She clearly understood what was going on… Or I’d like to think so anyway.

It’s hard to believe that she’s 9 months already. Is there a pause button on this thing we call life?

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