Review: Mini-Epic | Video Invitations

What is it?

Mini-Epic is a new website where you can create and send personalised video invitations for adult/ children’s birthday parties. You simply upload a photo along with your party details, preview your video invitation in seconds, send to your guests via email and track your RSVPs. You can also send reminders and updates about your party to your guest list, and download your video to keep or share online.

For just £9.99 you can send your Mini-Epic video invitation to up to 30 guests, and if you need to send it to more, you can upgrade your guest list for just 10p/extra guest thereafter.

Mini Epic is also running a current promotion: Get 25% OFF using the promo code EPIC25 at the checkout.

The first thing I noticed after loading the page up was: the simplicity of it. I don’t mean that in a negative way, I mean it in a way that: it’s clear from the moment you see the site for the first time, you know exactly what the product is and exactly how it works.


Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, let’s get on with the review.

My Experience of Mini-Epic

I’m still not sure to this day whether we planned it or whether it just happened but both of my daughters birthdays in October, within 10 days of each other, so when I heard that Mini-Epic offered a service that allowed me to send out party invitations and allowed me to customise them (well let’s just say I was more excited than Olivia was). I need to remember that this is for Olivia’s birthday and not mine.

Even though Olivia is going to be three on her next birthday and a little too young to understand sometimes, she loved the idea of “making” as she calls it, her own party invitation and was excited to get started.

First things first though. We needed to make an account. This is used later when it comes to remembering who you’ve actually invited and for tracking their RSVP’s. You can log back in at any time. It’s dead easy.


Once she’d made the decision to throw a kids party and not a adults one (there is the option for both). There was an even bigger choice to make: What kind of bash did she want to throw?

The possibilities were endless. We could have had: superhero, football, baking and bowling, to name a few. There was plenty of generic ones too if none of the themed ones took her fancy. I’ve been told there’s plenty more in the pipeline too.

The most obvious choice for us was a Trampoline party, or “bouncing” as she calls it. The selection process, even for young children is really easy. One click and the choice was made.

Next came the grown up bit; putting in the party details.


Once all the party details had been entered and a photo of Olivia had been selected, it was less than 60 seconds before our video was ready to preview. The animation is excellent, the music was catchy and a brilliant feature of the video is that you can insert a photo of their face, which really made Olivia laugh. Once she got her head around the fact that it was her.

As I stated above, for the £9.99 charge you can add up to 30 guests on to your guest list. If you are of those people who have more than 30 friends to invite, you can always add more for an extra 10p per guest. A reasonable price I thought.

With how the modern world works now, and a lot of people communicating through email, the fact that Olivia can send a party invite out via email and track the RSVP’s through her Min-Epic account is awesome. This shows how the world has moved on, and moved away from paper invites. Which ultimately cost more and isn’t so great for the environment.

Your Guest List

Once all the boring payment stuff is out of the way, it was then time to add people to her guest list.

Step 1/3: Add a message. Write a message to all of your guests. You don’t have to, but it’s the ideal place to let them know the full address of the party, what to wear, or any other party details you think they should know about

Step 2/3: Add Guests. You can add up to 30 guests. Add more guests if you wish to. Simply enter their name, email address and click ‘Add’.

Step 3/3: Preview & Send. Before you click “send”, select all the guests you’d like to send your invite to by clicking the box to the left of their name, or by using the ‘select all’ box.

CLICK “SEND” and wait for the RSVP’s come back…

The Verdict

My Experience of using Mini-Epic can only have a positive note. The website is simple yet effective. The selection process is child’s play, there was little to no wait time to see the video that we’d created. The video was like a mini movie trailer for her party. Plus the animation used was just brilliant.

Olivia loved being able to “make” her own video part invitation and I’m pretty sure she’ll be showing her little sister how to use it when it comes to her birthday.

I am a huge fan of what Mini-Epic are offering.

The product they offer is another example of how much the modern world has changed in recent years and the kind of world our children will grow up in. A paperless world: a digital world. The world where social media is king, the world where even nights out with your friends can be virtual. The world where people receive a party invitation via email and respond to it in the same way.

DadtasticVoyage rating: 5/5





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2 replies

  1. This looks like so much fun!


  2. It’s great to read another view on what Mini-Epic offers.. such a great platform and amazing animations. I think a lot of people would also rate it 5/5 👍


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