My Sunday Photo

This week #MySundayPhoto is National Railway Museum. Ft Olivia and Robyn’s first train journey.


I wrote a post earlier in the week about our family day out to the National Railway Museum, featuring Olivia and Robyn’s first train journey. 

This wasn’t just an ordinary day out. The last few weeks have been incredibly taxing on all of us for one reason or another. It was a very long over due day out and a chance for us to spend some quality time together as a family

Olivia has been excited about trains for quite a while now so it was a perfect day to see how she’d react to actually going on a train for the first time. If you read the original post, you’ll see she loved it.

Plus it was nice to be out and about with the car for once, without having to worry about parking or a bunch of car keys jiggling about in my pocket.

Even if I did have an almost three year on my shoulders for most of the day, it was totally worth it.

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