My Sunday Photo

This week my #MySundayPhoto is “Snapback.”


As this little lady gets older, you can see her own little personality starting to emerge.

Her vocabulary is increasing day-by-day. I will openly admit that we were worried at one point because she just wasn’t saying much of anything really and the only way she communicated was through a variety of grunts. Even the words she did use for certain objects didn’t actually sound anything like what it was she was trying to say. All of a sudden everything just came spilling out and she’s never stopped talking since.

Her own sense of dress is starting to raise its head: What she likes and what she doesn’t like. This photo is the embodiment of exactly that. We were in our local Tesco having a look around when we came across the Star Wars hat you see her wearing. Now, normally she would have walked straight passed it but not on that day. There was no way that we were leaving the shop without it and she wasn’t shy about letting her whole shop know this. If I’m honest, she’s working that hat really well. She’s pulling it off better than I would anyway.

There was, even more, evidence of this when we were in Next a few days after taking this photo. Since we’re going away for a couple of days we thought we’d kit the girls out with some new gear. Rachel took Olivia into the changing rooms to try on a couple of things as we weren’t sure on sizes and a quick stop off at the changing rooms turned into a full fashion show.

As the next couple of years unfold I can’t wait for more of her personality to show itself.




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