Our Top 5 favourite bedtime stories

Bedtime for us has always been a really important time. It’s the time of day we all come together to relax before bed and enjoy a good book. No matter what the stresses the day has brought us, bedtime stories time is a few moments of complete calm where nothing else matters and it’s all about what books we’re going to read tonight.

From Olivia being just 2 months old, our bedtime routine has always been a bath, stories and bed. In that order. Over the last couple of years we have come to like several books and at the moment, tend to read the same books every night. As many of you, parents will know, toddlers have the habit of obsessing over things.

So as is the custom I thought I would share some of our favourite books with you. The ones that no matter how many times we read them, they never get old.

So in no particular order;


The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

For the very youngest of children, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is just the right length with plenty of interaction for fidgety night time fingers.

What is it about this book? This is one of our all time favourite, book my Olivia has got. It’s something about the artwork and the holes (from the caterpillar munching) that fascinate her. I have to read the same page to her hundreds of times.

It’s a classic really. Who doesn’t like this book? As you can see from the photo, this book is looking a bit worn for over reading.


Little Rabbit Foo Foo.

This book is very cheeky and our girls love it. A naughty little rabbit called ‘Rabbit Foo Foo’ rides through the forest annoying all the other animals; from worms to tigers. He enjoys bopping them on the head with a mallet and rides away on his bike giggling at his antics.

A fairy comes down and warns Rabbit Foo Foo to stop bopping the animals over the head and gives him three chances to stop, warning him that she will turn him into a ‘goonie’ if he carries on. Little Rabbit Foo Foo does not listen to the fairy and continues to bop animals on the head.

This book was one of Rachel’s favourites before it was anyone else’s and she was the one to introduce it to the rest of us. We’ve read this book so many times that I know every word off by heart.


Monkey Puzzle

This is even one of my favourite books. It tells the tale of a monkey who’s lost his Mum and a butterfly who tries to help him but keeps taking him to the wrong animal. I’m not going to give away the plot, but of course, it has a happy ending and is a lovely note to say good night on.

We all instantly fell in love with this book. It has always been one of Olivia’s favourites and I’m hoping Robyn will love it too.


Ouch! I Need a Plaster!

Have you ever bashed your nose? Scraped your knee? Stubbed your toe? Then this story is just for you! Come and meet Paul, Greg and Jacinta who all know how to say, ‘Ouch! I Need a Plaster!’ Sure to make everything better, ‘Ouch!’ is a fun counting book for all tree-climbers, adventurers and budding doctors everywhere.

We have only recently discovered this one. We bought it on a whim from Amazon when they had a deal on children’s book. It was only meant to be one of those purchases you make to bump the price over a certain amount for the deal to work. Olivia kind of likes this book but Robyn is completely taken with it. Every time she hears ‘Ness the Nurse’ her little face lights up. This is definitely a firm favourite in our house now.


Once Upon a Time – Pop in slot storybook.

This book is amazing and has become a favourite for Olivia. We have read this book so much that it is looking a little worse for wear and I am sorry to say that not all the pieces are there anymore. We got it because of the play card characters that you can swap out allowing children to make up their own stories each time they read it.

Great for mixing up a story and getting kids to laugh out loud at the stories they create. It’s often our first choice before bed even though it’s a little shorter some of the other books we read.

Here are some other favourites of ours that didn’t quite make the top 5 but are still notable mentions.


What are some of your favourite bedtime stories? Let me know in the comments. 

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  1. Some great reads there the girls still love the hungry caterpillar Thank you for linking to #ThatFridayLinky Please come back next week


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