Life Hacks For Any Stay-At-Home Parent.

Being a stay-at-home dad is far from easy. More often than not, unless you have a very good idea what you’re doing, it can be quite chaotic and incredibly stressful. The thing to remember is that you need to stay in control to make the most of your time. Having this mindset will leave you some more ‘you time’, which in turn helps you get to the end of the day a much happier person.

So, let’s look at my life hacks for any stay-at-home parents. These will boost your well being, it will enable you to have more free time during your day and make you a happier parent in the process.

Stop doing those nonessential tasks:

Don’t waste your time folding your baby or toddler clothes.

Keep your changing bag prepared:

Every time you get home, clean out your changing bag and refill so it is ready to go. If I have the essentials ready to go, I can throw in a snack and a drink, and go in a quick minute. This has saved me more than once to be on time.

Bathroom multi-tasking:

Brush your teeth while in the shower. There’s no time to do these things separately.


Give your toddler a damp cloth and let him dust and wipe down surfaces. It may not get things perfectly clean, but it makes him feel involved in household jobs. For as long as their attention span holds out anyway.

Independent play:

You don’t need to play with your children all the time. If they learn independent play they will soon become easier for you to take though little mental breaks in your day and relax. Even if it is only for a few short minutes.


Tablets and smartphones are not your enemies.

In my opinion screen time is just as important as any other form of play.  We use technology quite a lot with both Olivia and Robyn as a way of entertaining, teaching, sharing and communicating. In this context, however, I use it has an example to keep them busy long enough to drink a ‘hot’ cup of coffee and have 10 minutes me time.


No not mine! If like me and you’re dealing with two children under four, try and keep to their nap time schedule. Sadly, Olivia no longer naps in the day but Robyn does. Remember One child is easier to deal with them two. Stick to those naps as long as you can.

Play Foam:

This stuff is awesome! It’s just like Play-Doh, only there’s less mess to clean up afterwards. Invest in some.


Chunky Chalk.

This one is weather permitting. Get outside with your toddler and let them draw on the floor. We either go on the drive or the back patio area and let your imagination do the rest. When you’ve finished there’s nothing to clean up. Just wait for the rain to come and wash it away.

One toy at a time:

Get your toddler into the habit of playing with one toy at a time. Sounds crawl doesn’t it? It’s not. It will save you so much time in the long run and it’ll get them into the habit of being able to look after their own stuff.

Related image


What do you think? Did I miss anything? What are your parenting hacks? Let me know below. 


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