Calpol | The ‘Cure-all’ Medicine


I sent a tweet out at the end of last week about an article I’d read on whether parents have become over relent on Calpol a ‘cure-all’? I enjoyed the interaction I had with this tweet and thought a lot about some of the comments I had on it. So I thought I’d share some of my thoughts and feelings on the subject with a quick blog post.

“if in doubt try some Calpol”

Open the medicine cabinet in any family home and chances are you will find a bottle of Calpol in there. It is used on children from a very early age, often following their first lot of injections. It soon becomes a loyal member of every parent (including my own) medicine cabinet.


Calpol and other paracetamol based medicines are a great thing but have parents become overdependent on Calpol and other children’s medicines. I feel there is an “if in doubt try some Calpol” culture amongst us. At one time, this included me.  Are parents over-reliant on Calpol as a ‘cure-all’?

| Are parents over-reliant on Calpol as a ‘cure-all’?

Is it a generation thing why we have come to view the magical pink substance in this way? Do older parents and grandparents out there tell us to use it for everything? Traditionally doctors pushed paracetamol, or ibuprofen, for young children with fevers. Is that where we’ve got it from?

In my experience of being a parent so far, Calpol isn’t a solution for your child’s illnesses. It is a painkiller that can also ease fevers. There is no need to give anything to most children with coughs, colds, high temperatures or teething problems. Sometimes, children will have a temperature and you won’t even notice. Sometimes, children will get over a cough, cold without any form of medication and there are other medications for teething problems

Should there be more education for parents on when to administer Calpol? Would be more effective in preventing children from being given excessive amounts?

This post is merely my humble opinion and obviously, as parents, we’ll administer Calpol as we see fit and we’re only trying to do the right thing by our children. However, what we think the right thing is, might not be.

| Should there be more education for parents on when to administer Calpol?

I certainly won’t be throwing my Calpol away anytime soon, but I will think twice before using it.

Image result for are parents relying on calpol


Do you think we have become too over-dependent on Calpol? Do we see it as a cure-all and give it to our children too readily? I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “Calpol | The ‘Cure-all’ Medicine

  1. I don’t tend to use call, not sure why as it was always given to my sister and I when we were under the weather. We tend to use nurofen, but I’m very careful about when I use it and always make sure the correct dosage is given and correct time between dosages has passed. That being said I rarely give the maximum dose. If the bottle says 7.5ml or 10ml, I only tend to give 5ml as that seems to do the job. I understand why some parents may feel the need to go reach for the calpol without much thought, but that’s surely a dangerous thing? Interesting read. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky


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