Lotherton Hall | 12 Days Of Christmas Woodland Walk, Ft. Meet the Penguins

Life just seems to be one big rush at the moment. With juggling kids, dogs, work and everything else in-between, it’s been all work and no play for a quite a while now, and unfortunately, Olivia and Robyn have been getting the rubbish end of the stick. All I can say is, thank god for CBeebies and YouTube. So today we decided to down tools, shut shop and have a day off.

After a little deliberating we decided to head up to Lotherton Hall and check out there Christmas experience and the latest addition to the wildlife world, the Humboldt penguins. We’d been to the Christmas experience last year and we absolutely love it so we were very excited to see that this year had in store.

Olivia became excited almost straight away at the thought of going on a special walk through the woods and then to see some Penguins.  Robyn, however just did that open mouth stare thing she does. She’s only just gone One though. On the drive up, all we heard from Olivia was “I can’t see the penguins yet Daddy!” and “Will we see some Fairies?”

| The 12 Days Of Christmas Woodland Walk

The woodland walk takes you down a twinkling lit path, through the Captains Woods and around the grounds. The walk is obviously related to the 12 days of Christmas and each stop has a little interactive station that kids can get involved in. From make the turtle doves fly to walking through the five gold rings. You can get the ladies to dance and even be one of the drummers drumming.

My little ones really enjoyed the interactive stations. Olivia was a little too young to really understand and appreciate it last year but with her being over now she really got stuck into it. Those 9 ladies dancing have never danced so much in their lives and the turtle doves must be shattered from all the flying they did.

There were some other attractions which were apart of the Christmas experience too. These include; an Elf Village, Fairy Dell, Christmas Courtyard. Sadly, we didn’t quite make it to these as Robyn got a little too cold and a little too tired but we’re definitely planning another visit to finish off the full Christmas experience.

| Meet The Penguins

The wildlife world at Lotherton is already an amazing place and home to many different types of birds in it. Most of the birds aren’t native to England so they have plenty of flamingos, cranes, owls, vultures etc. Other new additions include Tapirs and Capybaras. Not forgetting the emus too: the flightless, devil-eyed beasts that they are. They definitely eye me up for a nibble every time I walk past. So when we heard that the Humboldt Penguins were the newest residents, it was only a matter of time before we had to go and say hello.

The penguin enclosure has been very well thought out and with a 360-degree view of them splash about in their pool, every child will be sure to get a really good view of them in their new home. The glass viewing areas are a nice touch too, it let our two girls and every other smaller kid see the penguins are they were swimming in the water. My two girls were amazed that penguins could swim underwater.

On one side of the walk is a Tapir enclosure with good views of the little guy. There is just one at the moment but I hear there is more on the way.

Yesterday was a much-needed break for everyone. A break from everything we’ve had going on over the last couple of weeks. It was a chance to switch off, forget everything and recharge our batteries. A chance to stop and remember what’s really important and the reasons why we work so hard.


Probably the best Christmas experience that I have ever been to and the penguins are a welcome addition to an already amazing wildlife world. Well worth a trip!

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