Getting Into The Christmas Spirit | Going To See Aladdin – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Panto

Panto just IS Christmas. Oh no, it isn’t! To get us well and truly into the spirit of Christmas we decided to take the girls to the pantomime and where better to take them than Leeds City Varieties Music Hall. This years performance was Aladdin – The Rock ‘N’ Roll Panto. It’s the story of Aladdin that we all know and the one we all love but it’s got a twist. It had tons of the 60s and 70s rock hits which had me singing along to every single one. I think I enjoyed it more than the girls did.

This was the first year that we’d all been together as four. Rachel took Olivia to see Cinderella last year which was at the same venue and she absolutely loved it. So it wasn’t a case of ‘If’ we were going to go this year it was more a question of ‘when’, and with Robyn been a little mover and shaker that she is we both knew she’d love all the music, singing and dancing.

Now normally we would drive into the city centre but we were under strict instructions from Olivia to get the bus. So obviously we had no choice but to get the bus. It’s probably because when she went last year she got the bus and remembered. I hate getting the bus. I could count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on a bus since passing my driving test at 19 but on that day I added to that number. It all added to the experience of taking them to the panto.

| Aladdin is exactly what it says on the tin, a rock ‘n’ roll pantomime. With its 60s and 70s rock hits, it’s ideal for all the family

We’d actually booked some pretty good seats to say we got them at the last minute. We were the second row from the front, on the left-hand side. The girls had to either sit on our knees to be able to see but it didn’t spoil the view for me and Rachel.

The show was filled with the ’60s and ’70s rock, pop and soul songs, audience participation and corny gags plus the added bonus of a legendary ‘boulder’ fight (which has to be seen to be believed!) Some of the gags were a little too close to the knuckle for the time of day. Must of the kids didn’t understand them and they were fun for the adults to hear so I wasn’t to bothered. There was even a traditional panto interval ice cream. Bonus!

In years gone by I’ve been known to be a bit of a grinch around Christmas time, before having children obviously. I think working in retail has done it to me. It’s forced upon you from the beginning of September so by the time December comes around you’re almost numb to it. However, Olivia is getting older now and more aware of Santa, Rudolph, and what happens at Christmas so it more important this year to go the extra mile.



Going to see this panto has gone along way to helping me get into the Christmas spirit and made this time of year a little more magical. 

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