2017 Round Up | What A Year It’s Been.

I didn’t really have any goals or ambitions for 2017. I thought It was just going to be one of those years where nothing happens. How wrong I was. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and that’s putting it mildly. We’ve seen Rachel being promoted and working in a new school. Plus, the formation of her new company. I’ve got an amazing opportunity to take 17 weeks Shared Parental leave. All that was in the first six months. It’s been a busy and chaotic year but I’ve loved every minute of it.

So to mark the end of the year, I thought I’d share with you some of my highlights from the last twelve months.

Snippet | I had a Vasectomy

Robyn was Eight months old and we knew we didn’t want to add to our numbers. Two girls, two puppies and we knew our family completed. We didn’t want it to get any more hectic than it already was!

The only question I remember having was, would it hurt? Being a stay-at-home Dad and my primary ‘job’ being the carer to the two little munchkins, I didn’t want to be out of action for days. Having seen the missus go through two difficult labours, and watching her recover while looking after our new arrival, I knew it couldn’t be that bad…

Six months on and everything is back in working order. I’ve had the all clear from the doctors to say there’s’ nothing left and the hair has grown back.

I wrote a post about it at the time. Snippet | The tale of my vasectomy. I thought it was important that the positive experiences about getting it done were reported too, to give those who come later a balanced picture.


Starting this blog.

I wanted to share my experiences, learnings, failings and random thoughts about being a stay-at-home dad in a very mummy-focused world of parenting. This is partly to document our lives, partly to give a Dad’s perspective on being a parent but mainly to keep me out of trouble while off from work.

I wanted to write about my life with a toddler and a baby but also discuss issues faced by dads. When I wasn’t writing about all that I’d pen down all about my latest adventure with my awesome daughters, Olivia and Robyn Not just all that, but I also wanted to make friends within the blogging community or maybe create a community of my own. Plus, If I made a little money from it through sponsored posts and product reviews then that was ok too.

I’ve got to admit, blogging has been an amazing experience so far.


My Shared Parental Leave.

I had an amazing opportunity earlier this year to take 17 weeks of Shared Parently Leave (from my 3 days a week at the local Tesco). Juggling a baby and a toddler wasn’t easy, and it’s the truth when I say there were some hellish days.

So would I really want to do it again? The answer is a resounding yes. The frustrating days were overwhelmingly outnumbered by the wonderful ones. I got to know Robyn so much more than previous because of Rachel being on maternity and me being at work, cramming in the overtime to help with the finances. I’ve cared for her as she’s grown from a five-month-old who could do nothing more than lay on her back and cry to a nine-month-old who can laugh, crawl and is not far from being able to walk. I’ve had some precious moments with both children, that I will never forget.

My Shared Parental Leave also brought me this blog and introduced me to an awesome community of other bloggers.

If you’re expecting a child this year, I would encourage you to seriously consider Shared Parental Leave. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Check out my post ‘Shared Parental Leave | My Experience’ to see how I got on.


We Started A Business | The Positive Teacher Company.

Alongside her full-time job, my amazing wife started her own company with an ethos of celebrating being a teacher, feeling proud to be a teacher and love being a teacher.

We’d been talking about doing something for ourselves on and off over the years but with work, moving house, babies and everything else in-between getting in the way, it always got put on the back burner. This year, however, we decided to go for it. Rachel has always been brilliant at designing things for school so forming a company where she could design, print and sell he own teacher planners was something she was born to do.

She has even branched out into a notebook, wellbeing cards, pupil wellbeing cards, posters and much more. All with the aim of spreading the positivity and looking after the wellbeing of teacher and pupils alike.

The company has been going from strength to strength over the last week and she is already looking forward to next year and what direction it will do in.

Check out the website and see for yourselves. www.thepositiveteachercompany.co.uk

background tptc logo

We’ve achieved a lot these last twelve months and I am incredibly proud of each one of us for coming through it better off for it. If you check out my post I wrote to celebrate DadtasticViyage reaching it’s six month birthday, you’ll see what I want to achieve for the blog in 2018. DadtasticVoyage | My first Six Months Of Being A Dad Blogger.

I hope to achieve all this and more in the next twelve months.


All in all, It’s been a good year. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us. 

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  1. It sounds like it’s been a very good year for you both. May 2018 bring you happiness. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky


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