From Drama Queen To Diva

Back in July last year, I wrote a post about some of the funny reasons Olivia tantrums. ‘Living With A Drama Queen Toddler’. In the post, I talked about some of the laughable things which caused Olivia to have a meltdown. We’re talking things like; she wantes to take her clothes off because she’s warm but in public or the time I wouldn’t let her eat a chocolate muffin for breakfast. You know, totally normal things that she was well within her right to kick off over.

I bet you’re thinking to yourself ‘I remember that post, it was awesome. Why are you talking about it again?’ Remember, the good thing about time and the development of toddlers is that you’re never short of tantrum-related material to write about. Now that the terrible twos are out of the way and we’re well into the ‘threenager’ years, it seems like they’re little emotional timebombs, ready to explode into tears, anger and frustration over the smallest and insignificant things. This served as great inspiration for this sequel post.

So, as is the custom I thought I’d share some more reasons why my preschooler has a tantrum. In no particular order, we have:

  1. Because we couldn’t find Stinky Bear – her favourite cuddly toy in the world to go to sleep with.
  2. Because Robyn touched Sticky Bear.
  3. Because we couldn’t have natural yoghurt and blueberries for breakfast.
  4. Because I wouldn’t get off the chair that she decided that she wanted to sit on because I was sitting on it.
  5. Because she was tired and wanted to go to bed.
  6. Because we wanted her to go to bed because she was tired.
  7. Because Robyn was near her, looked at her, breathed on her, touched anything that ‘belongs’ to her.
  8. Becuase she wanted to go to the toilet by herself.
  9. Because I gave her a piece of chocolate instead of a cookie.
  10. Because we said she looked beautiful in her new dress.


So those are ten more reasons why my little preschooler had a tantrum. Keep your eyes open for more, because with Robyn right behind her, I’m pretty sure I’ll have more material for another instalment in the future.


Have you had any ridiculous reasons why your kid has had a diva moment? Let me know below!

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2 replies

  1. Haha love this, I have all of this to look forward too!


  2. Oh it’s all fun isn’t it?! Our latest tantrum from our 3 (now 4) year old was because her little sister (2.5) gave her a hug. Cue streams of tears because she “didn’t want to see her sister’s face!!


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