More Toys Equals Less Play | Our Big Toy Clear Out.

Toys are taking over my house. Well, since Christmas they have anyway. We have so many unplayed with toys that we got the girls for Christmas, I honestly don’t know what to do with them. I hate to admit it but we got them to many presents. Does that make me sound like The Grinch? Probably.

It started innocently enough. I love my kids. All I wanted to do was to make them happy but before I even realised it, I’ve found myself standing knee deep in random Peppa Pig toys and naked dolls. My kids have so many toys, they’re almost bored; the house is a mess, and no one is happy.

Sound familiar? It probably does. I imagine most families are in a similar situation. Just like mine, your kids probably have many toys too. What I have discovered is, in reality, more toys equals less play.

Kids are easily overwhelmed with choice, and what I have noticed with my two is: If they are unsure of what to play with, they often end up playing with nothing at all. I mean don’t get me wrong, they loved playing with the toys they’re playing with at that particular moment and are entertained and amused by it… for about Five seconds. Then it’s back to the toy box, or more accurately, the floor.


Parents, Listen up! I think I’ve discovered another way. A way that we’ll be taking on board for 2018 and for buying presents at Christmas. NO MORE will my living room look like the warehouse at Toys ‘R Us.

For my ‘tidy house, tidy mind’ approach to 2018 I want to take a minimalist approach to toys, cutting back on the clutter and focusing on quality over quantity. I know it makes me sound tight but at least hear me out.

Toss Out Toys

I figure If I’m going to take control of the toy situation in my home, I’m going to have to get rid of some. There are so many boxes of toys the girls have outgrown.

We’re still holding on to rattles, teethers and playmats. I have no idea why. So my new mentality is: If it’s no longer age appropriate, it’s got to go. The same goes for broken toys, toys with pieces missing, games and puzzles with pieces missing, Happy Meal toys, Kinder Egg toys, the list goes on. Bin It!

Once we’ve got the collection down to the things they might actually play with, then comes to challenge of thinking about what they actually like.

Put Toys on Display

Like every other child in the world, my kids are of the mindset of, If we can’t see the toys, we’re not going to play with them. I’m sick to death of finding them pulling out every last toy just to leave them lying all over the floor. So I figure, why not leave them out in the first place.

Buy Fewer Toys

Surely, the easy answer to our problem is not buying so many in the first place! We went overboard at Christmas 2017 so Christmas this year will be very different. We need a new approach, without feeling like our kids are going without. It’s going to something as simple as something they want, something they need, something to play with and something to read. What do you think?

Giving the family a gift list is another way we plan to avoid the unwanted junk this Christmas. People like and appreciate having a few solid gift ideas for things they know you’ll love. Don’t they?

For me, gift vouchers are the way to go. I love the feeling of knowing I’ve helped fund a family fun day out or a nice meal or help make someone feel better with a beauty treatment. Especially when they take the time to let them know how much they loved it!

20170528_133856 - Copy

What do you think to my new minimalist approach to toys? Are you doing the same or something similar? Let me know in the comment. 







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  1. I totally agree with all of this. My daughter has far too much and plays with only a select few things. She insists she doesn’t want anything to go though so my task this week is covertly binning the things I know she’s not bothered about.

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  2. It’s hard isn’t It? When the only reason they start playing with something is because you’ve got it out of the cupboard and then the guilt sets in. I’m trying my best to be as ruthless as i can.


  3. Go minimalist and be brutal, that’s what I say. We took our eye right off the ball this Christmas as I was having a particularly busy time and the kids have received far too much this Christmas just gone. In future I want to strictly enforce a “one large present” only rule.

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    • We talked about taking that approach too. 1 big present and a few little ones to go with it. Out of all the presents we got them at Chriamtas, they’re both playing with A maximum of two toys. The rest are gathering dust… until now!


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