Doing The Boring Stuff | Domestic Chores And Being A Stay-At-Home Dad.

|Domestic chores are just apart of the stay-at-home dad job description

Today I’ve been off doing the boring stuff. You know the bits that no one ever blogs about because they really are boring. The cooking, the washing up, washing and drying clothes, changing nappies, going food shopping, tidying up after a preschooler and toddler. Which by the way is like cleaning up after a party you didn’t get invited too or trying to rake leaves when it’s windy. It’s been one of those days where you’ll meet yourself coming backwards.

Washed up (Twice), Washing clothes, mopped the floors (Twice), cleaned the bathroom, went food shopping. Made breakfast, dinner and prepared tea. In between all that I will be pretending to an Octonaut, drinking pretends cups of tea and eating pretend toast. Reading stories and playing rockets. Exciting stuff, eh?

I am the only one though? I am sad to say it but I am still reading a lot of articles online that Mums are still doing the vast majority of the day-to-day household chores while Dads are spending more time relaxing. This is despite the number of Dads choosing to stay at home is on the rise. Does this mean that some Dads are just using the title ‘stay-at-home parent’ as an excuse to do nothing while working mums are feeling it both at work and at home? I truly hope not.

When most people think of the term ‘stay-at-home’ they automatically think of it as a fairly leisurely lifestyle. Please let me assure you that nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I’ll admit it has more positives than negatives. I get to spend lots of quality time with my girls, I get to play with them, bond with them. However, what about all the jobs and responsibilities that come as part of the package. The parts that nobody blogs about because they’re boring. Well, I am going to break the mould and blog about it and prove that not all Dads are domestically handicapped. Some day’s there’s more, other days there’s less and others are somewhere in between.

Dads, stay-at-home dads, working days and every other type of dad out there, not all of us believe in housework fairies. We believe in shared responsibility for everything and believe that a man is just as capable of doing domestic chores as a woman is. Our family works a little differently whereby Rachel is the main breadwinner and works full time and I am the stay-at-home dad to my two girls and look after the all the day-to-day running of the house. With our family set up in this way, I don’t expect anything from Rachel in terms of domestic duties. I believe that her workload is crazy enough without the added pressures of coming home and being expected to cook, clean and look after the girls. The one thing is amazing at is, coming home after a hards days work and ting the girls off to play while I gather my sanity and crack on with some domestic task, undisturbed.

Having said all that, she does still take care of bills and all the other finances but I look after car maintenance so I guess we’re still a little stereotypical in that way but it works for us so I’m not doing to read to much into it.


Rachel will openly admit that I am more domesticated than she is and she won’t be ashamed to say it. When her workload gets crazy I am sure she is thankful for a husband who is good at juggling work and family responsibilities. I’m not saying I’m a domestic God or anything. That’s for other people to decide that but I think I do ok.

Who does must of the chores in your house? Mum, Dad or shared equally? I’d love to know your thoughts.


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  1. Hi. I also do all the chores at home; I think it is part of the job description if you’re a stay-at-home parent. My wife cooks on weekends, but I do everything else, and am happy to do so. If I didn’t do the laundry, for example, it wouldn’t get done!

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  2. Whilst I’m happy to share my domestic workload with my wife (and I’m positive she is infinitely better at it than me), given the travelling she has to do and the long office hours when she is working in this country, I guess I cover pretty much all of it. Thankfully cooking is one of my stress relievers, so everyone is always pretty well fed (although I say so myself)…. The one big surprise is just how therapeutic I’ve found ironing (did I just say that out loud??).
    Keep up the great posts, there’s so much that rings true for me!

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  3. Thanks matey. I hope it rings true with a lot of people out there. Well done for picking up the extra so your wife doesn’t have it to do when she gets home. I find it very relaxing. I think it’s because it doesn’t require much thought.


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