Review | JML EverBrite Solar-Powered Garden And Security Light

EverBrite Solar-Powered Garden And Security Light are an As Seen on TV porch light which is solar powered and gets brighter when it detects motion.

Claims and Features

  • Solar powered: Never needs batteries
  • Motion activated. Auto On/Off
  • Peel-and-stick installation: No tools, No wiring, No mess
  • Weather-resistant
  • Activities in low light or dark conditions


You can get EverBrite for £19.99 plus standard delivery directly from You can also get it on Amazon and Amazon Prime for the same price.

Ever Brite Reviews

The EverBrite light is a solar-powered security light which is sold by JML. It offers a constant low-level light which gets brighter when it detects movement nearby.

I’ve been wanting to get an outside light installed in our back garden for a while now as it’s so dark when I let the dogs out for a wee, wee late at night but I’ve been putting it off for a variety of different reasons. One is the mess created by having to install one with wires and where I would have to run one from. The second being the added cost of having extra lights in the house. The benefits of the EverBrite is that it is solar powered, meaning you don’t have to hook it up with any wires or replace batteries in order to use it. As it doesn’t need wires, it can be placed in almost anywhere. It charges through the day and turns on automatically at night, similar to the solar walkway lights you see in peoples gardens.

It has a peel-and-stick application on the back so If you’re like me and you’re not great with screws and a screwdriver then this is a great idea. As a side note, I choose to put mine outside and it stuck to the brickwork pretty well but if you stuck it to a painted surface, It might remove some of the paint if you decided to move it at a later date.

If you are looking for a big bright searchlight then the Ever Brite probably isn’t for you It does, however, have a decent range on it enough to cover about half of my garden (which is of an average size). It offers an acceptable brightness when it’s fully charged. It gets even brighter when motion is detected and provides a nice constant dim glow when there is no motion which would be ideal for paths, patios area, and porches.

Just like any other solar light, there are a few considerations I think are worth mentioning. I’d ensure that EverBrite gets plenty of sunshine during the day so it gets enough charge to work at night. This will also mean that it might not work as well on evenings following cloudy days. However, mine has been outside for over and week, cloudy days included and its worked fine but it’s worth remembering


Overall, EverBrite is well priced and does what it says on the tin. If your expectations are realistic, you’ll find that it does the job perfectly fine to justify the price. It offers a good amount of light for what I need but it doesn’t compare to the brightness of a fully wired porch light. For the price the easy installation, I feel most people will find it to be a positive buy.


Have you tried the EverBrite light? Let me know in the comments below.

This post, even though it was sponsored by JML, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!

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