Review | JML Hurricane Spin Scrubber

JML’s Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a cordless power scrubber that in my opinion “does the work for you.”

Claims & Features

  • Cordless and rechargeable
  • Interchangeable Heads. Multi-purpose, Corner and flat head brushes.
  • 300 RPM
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Works on soap scum, mildew, grime, and dirt
  • Extends 4 feet.


You can get JML’s Hurricane Spin Scrubber for £39.99 plus standard delivery directly from You can also get it on Amazon, Argos, Tesco Direct, Wilkos, as well as other similar sites, all for the same price.

Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review

I’m always looking for ways to make cleaning a little easier. I don’t always spend as much time on cleaning as I should. Having two kids under four and two puppies to look after my cleaning routine has become an ‘ I’ll clean what I can see and leave the rest.’ However, with this product, you have an electronic scrubber that is designed to make cleaning your bathroom a piece of cake. In my opinion, it definitely did that. You wouldn’t think you were cleaning with something that spins at 300 RPM. Just make sure you’ve got a grip on it though.

It’s a very simple bit of kit to use too. It’s as easy as attaching which brush head you want to use and pressing a button. The spinning action at the end of the handle can be used to clean loads of different bathroom surfaces far easier than you would if you were scrubbing manually and like I said, I don’t have a lot of time to do a deep clean so this scrubber makes so much sense.

The bristles on the brush heads are flexible too, which can get into cracks and small crevices easier and helps break up the dirt and grime scrubbing manually just doesn’t reach. It was especially good for cleaning the grout and beat getting out the old toothbrush and bleach and trying to clean each line one at a time. Obviously, you should expect to have to apply some pressure but you shouldn’t expect to press as hard as you might with an old-fashioned hand-held scrubber. In fact, if you take my advice you’ll definitely want to because otherwise, it might fly off out of your hand. Not that it happened to me.

It is better for some cleaning jobs than it is for others. Mildew, for example, might still be a problem but dirt and soap scum are easily removed. I definitely think it was more effective at cleaning the harder to reach places than it was on the exposed surfaces. It felt like I was almost creating extra work with everyday surfaces like the sink and the back of the toilet. However, overall, I found that the Hurricane Spin Scrubber removed most buildup easy.

The handle and extension arms were a nice feature. Our bathroom ceiling it quite high up so normally the tiles that high u don’t get cleaned that offered but those days are gone. With a 4 foot extension on this bad boy, it makes cleaning hard to reach places a whole lot easier. The corner brush head is a nice addition, although I would imagine that one would be the first to fray after a while of being used.


I like the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. It makes scrubbing those harder to reach places easier and it I still think that manually cleaning all the other surfaces in your bathroom is easier thank using the spin scrubber. If your expectations are realistic, you’ll find that it does the job perfectly fine to justify the price and a helpful tool that you’ll use everytime you clean your bathroom.


If you’ve used Hurricane Spin Scrubber, tell me what you thought in the comments below.

This post, even though it was sponsored by JML, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!

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