Child-Friendly Leeds | Rosie’s Diner Review

Believe it or not, like us many parents enjoy taking their kids out for something to eat but sometimes it’s hard to find a place to eat that’s welcoming for children but also where the parents can feel relaxed too. It doesn’t always feel like they’ve test drove the layout with a toddler in a pushchair before they opened the door. This is exactly what this series of posts is aimed at. I really want to highlight the best ‘Child-friendly’ places to eat in Leeds so that parents can go out for something to eat with their kid (or kids if you’re feeling brave) and know that the place they’re going has them in mind. Not just in terms of the layout or how well they’ve used the space but how good the facilities are and are the kid’s menu attractive enough that your child might actually eat something from it.

Well, with my first stop you’ll be crossing your fingers that the kids will leave some so you can tuck into too…


Rosie’s Diner, which is about a 5 to 10-minute drive from the city centre and about 20 minutes away from where I live but if you’re like me and joy food, it’s well worth the drive. If you love 50’s diners and your typical American food you will love this place! The Diner comes complete with a monster truck on its doorstep, a yellow bus inside that you actually sit and have your meal in. It was a massive hit with my two girls. They really enjoyed having their dinner on a big yellow school bus. Inside, it’s kitted out with huge American diner booths and movie theatre signage.

If your kids are a little bit older, there’s always the pool table to entertain them while the food arrives or after you’ve all finished but you’re not quite ready to go.

It ticked all the boxes for me.

So onto the food. The menu is huge, and when I say huge I really do mean it. They have hotdogs galore with various toppings. I had ‘The Great Dane’ (BBQ sauce, smoked streaky bacon, Philly cheese and crispily fried onion). If you’re like us and enjoy nothing more than good old chicken then definitely try the ‘New Jersey’ burger. Just make sure you get them with the Sweet Potato Fries, they’re amazing! Our eyes, as always were bigger than our bellies and we ordered a side of the Battered onion rings. My mouth is watered just thinking about eating it.

Even after all that delicious food, we still found our eyes wondering to the dessert menu. Why is it no matter how full you are, you still have room for sweet. The Pecan Pie which ice cream is a particular highlight.

As for the kid’s menu. You know sometimes when you got to a restaurant and you ordering your kids something from the children’s menu but it’s either not enough for them or it’s that massive you wish you’d of ordered it. Well, this just wasn’t the case at Rosies Diner. It was a perfect size and my two girls polished the lot.

Even though it was the school holidays, the service was brilliant. It was no time at all after I’d stopped looking at the incredible menu our table was covered with plates of yummy food.

So if you’re visiting Leeds anytime soon or like me you’re lucky enough to live close by then definitely make a stop at Rosie’s Diner, you won’t be disappointed. I’m hoping we’re going to make another trip down there soon!

*This post, even though it was sponsored by Rosie’s Diner, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!*

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