Wait, When Did I Become A Grown Up?

Becoming an adult isn’t some right of passage that you have to go through when you turn eighteen or twenty-one. Generally, it means that you’ve evolved into a new stage in your life in which you take your career, relationships, and future more seriously. At the very least, you’ve stopped laughing when the tomato sauce bottle does that fart nose pretending that a tea cosy is a hat.

Well, I had a moment today, you know the moment when you all of the sudden realise that you’re actually kind of old? Like, you’re a real grownup!?

I had one of those the today when my kid referred to me as one such grown up.

black-and-white-image-of-mobile-phone-and-notebook (1)

| When in the hell did this happen!?

Well, I’m 32 years old,  and most definitely an adult but at what point did I become a ‘grown up? I still have those days all the time. Those days where you think to yourself ‘How did I get here!?’ Like I’ve been on some kind of autopilot up until that point. I honestly have no idea when it happened exactly. All I know is, I still look around when I hear people tell their kids to “watch out for that man!” in the supermarket.

I think it happened somewhere between leaving school, getting my driving license, buying my first car, getting married, having children, buying a house and having a job that has made me become what people in today’s society like to call an “adult.” Looking back now, it seems to have happened over time without me even realising it. Despite all that I have never really felt like a grown-up until now.

March 2018 marks fifteen years service with my current employers and that is massive, or it is to me anyway. When I think back over my time there, the jobs I have done, the different locations I’ve worked in and the people that I have met a long the way it’s really made me take stock of my self and I’ve almost evolve onto the next stage of being an ‘adult.’ I have started to view my life and the people in it differently for the first time. I no longer concern myself with people who aren’t in my life and make to effort to be and concentrate more on the people who are in it and who are showing me the same values.

I now go about my daily life with a bigger sense of pride, power, self-confidence, self-awareness and more self-control. I want to learn new things every day, I feel stronger, braver, I know my own strengths and weaknesses.


However, being an adult doesn’t mean having everything figured out. Being an adult isn’t some threshold you pass through at a fully mature and ready to go state.

Being a grown-up means you’re confident in who you are. You know what matters to you now. You know who and what you are. You are still you, you’re just a version of yourself that you’ve been building for a long time. You’ve landed on a face you like and you’re sticking with it. You’ve made some mistakes along the way but you’ve learned from them. You have grown, and you will only continue to grow.


Having said all that, we’re all mature until someone brings out the bubble wrap. When did you realise you’d become a grownup? Let me know in the comments below. 



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  1. Confidence seems to come in your thirties I’d say. Although 15 years with one employer. Wow, what is that like??? Three years was all I ever managed.


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