Two More Makes Four.

For those of you who follow me DadtasticVoyage on Instagram will know about the arrival of these two little balls of pure sunshine. We felt like life wasn’t chaotic enough for us. Being a stay-at-home dad, having a wife who works long hours, having two girls under four along with our existing two dogs, working a part-time job, writing a blog, running a business and trying to fit everything else in between just wasn’t enough for us! So we decided to add two more dogs to the mix. Making our grand total FOUR.

I’m introducing George and Ted our new resident golden-doodles pups. We’d planned on only getting one but when we went to see them, Ted immediately took to Olivia and I had my heart set on George from the moment I saw him. So we did the most logical thing any person would do in that situation, we got both. Who needs sleep anyway, right? Who needs a calm and quiet house? I hate being in the house on my own when everyone else is out and about. Having a dog or dogs in our case means you’re never alone.


I know what you’re thinking? Two Kids and two dogs, why would they want anymore? I know you’re thinking it because if I was on the outside looking in I’d be thinking the same too. Why did they not just have another kid instead? I’ll tell you.

Why I’m glad I’ve only got two kids | Our relationship with A&E and Children Wards

Like most parents, as I watch my kids grow older I ‘sometimes’ get sad that I am not planning on having any more babies. I grieve a little bit when I think about how in a short matter of time, I won’t have any children small enough to carry around in my arms. I sort of dread the day my kids no longer want to lie in bed with me, read books alone together or stop what they’re doing just so they can give me a cuddle. These feelings are enough to make me question whether having two kids is enough and if we did the right thing having a vasectomy.

But then I think back to the amount of time we’ve spent in A&E and on children’s wards watching our little girls been prodded and poked and I I know that by “only” having two we’ve saved ourselves having to go through all that again. Olivia spent three days in a neonatal ward after she born because of an unknown infection she contracted during labour. As new parents, we had to watch our new baby girl go through the ordeal of having a blood test, a urine test, a chest X-rays and even lumber punchers. All of which were ultimately in vain because they could never find a focal point of the injection. We then went through the exact same scenario six months later when she developed a high fever. It played out almost identical to the first time, A&E, Children’s ward, test, nothing and home. Thankfully this was the last time until Robyn came along.

When our second little princess arrival, all went well. As well a labour can be. If you ever ask Rachel about labour she’ll openly tell you that she enjoyed Robyn’s labour as it was less traumatic then the first. We were home in the day and everything was fine. We thought we’d got away with it. Then the temperature came. Then came our annual trip to A&E, followed by a Children’s ward and all the horrendous test that we had to sit and watch AGAIN. Robyn’s resulted in a weeks stay in a hospital and an intensive course of antibiotics to treat an unknown injection. How could this be happening again, was it something we there doing? This was when we made our decision. How could we think about bringing another child into the world when we’re risking putting ourselves through it and more importantly putting a baby through it?

If you haven’t already, check out my vasectomy story: Snippet | The tale of my vasectomy.

At least when we ended up in A&E with Olivia this last weekend because of her trip down the stairs, we knew exactly where we needed to go to and what to expect when we got there.


Please don’t feel sorry for us. It hasn’t affected their development in any way, in fact, it’s probably helped it. If you check out my Instagram you’ll see what I mean.

If you wanted to psychoanalysis us, you might say where compensating not having a third child by getting an extra dog, or two. Which might be true but the way I see it, dogs are awesome, they’re not complicated, you know where you stand with them. Exactly the ethos I live my life by. Plus it’s my life, my money and I’ll live it the way I want.

Besides, being a family of four suits us just right. I think she might be right. Our family can conveniently fit in any booth, or at any table in a restaurant. We can all squeeze into our car, even if a tad tight. We can all share a hotel room with two queens and fit comfortably. I have two arms to hold my two girls, one on each hip. I’ve got two legs, so when my kids sit on my knee there’s enough room for both.

I knew buying that extra large sofa was going to be a good long-term investment.


There are many reasons why more could be merrier, but for me (us), two seems to be a good fit.

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  1. Oo, how cute, I love dogs, German Shepherds are my passion, we have had 2 now sadly both passed, we now have a rescue jack Russell cross who is a Millwall supporter!#thatfridaylinky@_karendennis

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  2. Two definitely is just right saying the man that has five lol! Adorable puppy’s Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week


  3. What adorable puppies! I hope that they are settling in well. Thank you for sharing with #Blogstravaganza 🙂

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  4. Your dogs are so adorable! I’ve got just the one daughter and one dog and that’s hard work, so hats off to you #blogstravaganza

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  1. Pets Are Good For Kids! – Dadtastic Voyage

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