The Ties That Bind | My Kids Relationship With Their Grandparents

If I sit back and close my eyes for a minute, I can remember a treasure trove of memories of my Grandma and Grandad. I can remember the day my Grandad took me on Concorde from Heathrow to Leeds/Bradford and I can hear my Grandma’s voice everytime I kneel on my knee and I know I shouldn’t. The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is a magical one and I am pleased that my children will grow up with just as many memories of their Grandparents as I did with mine.

We live so near to my family that I see them on almost on a daily basis and the girls are getting just as much if not more interaction with them than me. So what is it about going to Grandma house that gets my kids so excited. I know whatI’m thinking and you’re probably thinking it too. Of course, grandparents are great – they babysit! The reality is so much more than that.

| They give their undivided attention.

My mum looks after my two girls a couple of a days week and then some. She’s never to busy to spend time with them or to answer one of their endless questions. Whereas us parents are often busy dealing with the “urgent” business of today  She’ll often take then if I need to go somewhere and it’s easier to go by myself. They’ll play, watch TV, eat dinner, have a bath. You know. The stuff of life. The kids love it, she loves it, and it’s building a foundation for a relationship that will last years. However, when Grandad get involved too, that’s a whole different matter. Grandad time equals play time. All three of grandchildren faces light up when they see him walk into a room. It’s amazing to witness the bond they all have. Just not when he winds them up five minutes before I’m taking them home.

| A second home

At one time or another, we have all lived under the same roof. We were fortunate (unfortunate in their case) enough to move in with them a couple of years ago when Olivia was a little over a year old. This was so we were able to save for a mortgage. Olivia did a lot of growing up in that house, long before our second and my nephew came along so she got to know it pretty well and is now completely comfortable when we go around. She knows where everything is, and will often ask to go stay there by herself. Plus, Robyn was conceived there too so technically we have all lived under the same roof. This form of support was far more valuable than any amount of money and I hope my kids continue to see Grandma and Grandad’s house in this way.

| They’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt

Age brings wisdom, doesn’t it? Should I say a broader view of the world? Sometimes, Grandparents have lived long enough to know not to get upset by the same stuff. A messy house? It can be tired up later. Your kid’s endless questions? Just listen. Trying to get on with a job but your kids keep disturbing you? Let them, it can wait. Patience is definitely a virtue that Grandparents have in gallons. So much more than I’ve got sometimes, and I’ll openly admit that. Parents and children think everything is hyper-important but can learn to adjust their priorities after listening to a Grandparents point of view a situation.


The love my parents have for their Grandchildren is a different kind of love (describe by my Dad). It’s a little more indulgent perhaps than us as parents would have it but I know that will go above and beyond for them anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Far beyond any amount of money could top.

Where you close to your grandparents? What memories do you have of them? Let me know in the comments below?


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  1. Brilliant reminder of wonderful memories with both of my Grans – days spent with them being spoilt, my Irish Gran’s AMAZING potato bread and going out for spur of the moment picnics with them on a Sunday afternoon.
    It’s so easy to lose sight of the amazing contribution they make. I certainly couldn’t manage the logistics without my in-laws help along the way and I’m constantly having to remind myself that it DOESN’T matter if they spoil the kids every now and again and let them have second portions at tea….it never did me much harm (although others may disagree!).


  2. Unfortunately, my kids only only grandparents on their mom’s side, and they don’t see that much of them really, as they live a fair distance away. What’s more they have nearly 20 grandkids, so it’s just not what it might be. The kids do love them though and enjoy going there — if only they would get in wi-fi!!! Your own situation sounds lovely, though, and it’s nice to hear of such a bond and life-enhancing experience for your girls. #ThatFridayLinky


  3. I have such fond memories of my grandmother from when I was a child and often wish that she were here to see how I turned out and to meet my daughter. I love that my daughter has a similar relationship with both her grammies

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  4. I was very close to my nana, in fact she more or less brought me up sadly my children don’t have that relationship with my parents lovely post Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

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  5. I love this post mate! I’ve written something similar and regularly think about the importance of these relationships. They’re vital in a child’s emotional and relationship development. As you say, the memories they create too are absolutely priceless. Keep your eye’s peeled for my BritMums Round-up tomorrow 😉

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