Review | JML Copper Stone Pans

I love cooking, especially with the girls. Trying to get them interested in food can sometimes be a challenge. One of the ways I’ve found that helps is getting them involved in the cooking part.

Being from Yorkshire means a bit of a cheapskate and I won’t spend money unless I absolutely have too. I only buy new saucepans and frying pans when I need them and never buy anything expensive because I never thought they were any better than the cheap ones! So when JML asked me to test out their Copper Stone frying pans I was a little unsure as I’ve not had a lot of luck with frying pans in the past.



Non-Stick? Scratch Resistant? Super-Hardwearing? Dynamic Heat Dispersion?

These frying pans claim to be non-stick, scratch resistant but don’t all frying pans but after a few uses, they never are! Well I have been using these now most days for a while now and really put them through their paces and nothing has stuck! I have washed them well each time and there are no marks on them at all! So far, so good.


I knocked up a quick curry in the largest pan with no oil or even spray oil and it was absolutely fine. The pan definitely seemed to spread the heat out well compared to others I’ve had in the past and cooked much quicker and more evenly.


I fried onions with no oil/spray oil knowing they wouldn’t stick. I was a bit complacent knowing they wouldn’t stick and forgot about them and they burnt! But they didn’t burn so at least that claim was true.


I fried an egg off in the smallest of the two. Again, I fried without any oil or even spray oil and as you can see it cooked perfectly. We go through a lot of eggs in our house for some reason so having a pan that doesn’t cause me spend an age afterwards cleaning the pan is good enough for me.

Would I recommend them?
I have surprised myself in all honesty but yes I really would recommend these. They’ll clearly last a long well and for £19.99-£29.99 each or £69.99 for the 3 with a glass lid for the 28cm pan.



If I’ve learned anything from using these pans, it’s don’t buy cheap, not when it comes to cookware. These are well worth the money. They are available on Amazon* with free delivery or plus standard delivery. I am sure will soon be available elsewhere too.


*This post, even though it was sponsored by JML, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!*

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