Review | Mercury 7L Android Tablet By Venturer

The world has changed so much since I was a child and now technology is in our everyday lives. I remember getting my first tablet computer they were very basic and slow. My first one was ok but it didn’t last long before it started to slow down but thankfully they’ve improved a lot since then. It is a long time since I have owned one of the cheaper tablets as I have owned iPad’s, Galaxy tabs and even a Kindle Fire in recent years but to be honest I don’t really use them since my daughters learned how to operate them. Now I only touch one when they want YouTube putting on.

My girls love the tablets we have but they’ve never used a cheaper one, however, one day they will break and we may need to look at cheaper options for them. I think for many children the cheaper ones are a better option as they easily can break things. Let’s face it too kids aren’t the cheapest of people either so the cheaper you can get items the better! So when I was offered the Mercury 7L Tablet by Venturer (available at Asda) I was intrigued to see how good a cheaper tablet like this would be.


The tablet can access the internet easily, it uses Android and is really simple to use. All the usual apps are available on it whether that be social media apps, games, YouTube or just browsing the internet. It has a front facing 1mp camera for taking selfies or video calling. It doesn’t have a rear camera. The tablet is a standard 7 inches and is a touchscreen as you would expect. There is an expandable memory slot which is handy and the tablet charges using micro USB. The tablet has 1GB Ram and 8GB internal memory.

The tablet is a great little device and does everything we need it to inc access the internet, play games, watch videos and listen to music. It has a relatively low internal memory unless you make use of the memory card slot I would say it is better for people who don’t plan to store many photos or music. The camera is low quality too but we pretty good smartphone so it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me as we wouldn’t really use that function anyway,

It feels well built but you can tell it isn’t made with the same attention to detail of higher-priced gadgets but it works well for what we need it for us that’s all I am taking into consideration. I would say at £49.99 this is a great starter tablet for a child who you don’t want to spend much on. The tablet is quick and works well so it is also good if you know you wouldn’t use one often and as such don’t want to spend hundreds.


I thought it was a great tablet for the money and worked quickly and easily. It was really easy to set up and I have encountered no problems with it. Available from Asda means if there were any issues it would be easy to return too which I think is a bonus.

*This post, even though it was sponsored by Netflix, it is my honest opinion. Hope you enjoyed it!*

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