Why Do We Want To Buy The Latest Gadget?

It goes without saying that if you are a human being, you are into technology in one way or another. Some of us are professionals and some are hobbyists. In either case, none of us were born tech enthusiasts so have you ever wondered why you can’t resist buying the latest phone/ gadget as soon as it’s released? Sometimes it even feels like a religious experiences when you walk into the shop to finally buy the thing you’ve been thinking about for weeks.

I went through this exact experiences with week when I purchase a new phone. It was a real buzz to know that I’d got the latest phone a little after it had been released despite the fact that my old one was in complete working order, apart from the knackered camera of course. So, this got me thinking about all the other gadgets I’ve got around the house and how I’ve been obsessed with owning them, much to Rachel’s annoyance I might add.


I’ve always been the same. From games consoles to mobile phones and even cars. Once I get an idea in my head about owning something I’m not satisfied until I own it. Rachel will tell you that it is the biggest thing she doesn’t like about me. I like the way owning something shiny and new makes me feel, it’s a feeling of power, of completeness and maybe little bit of social acceptance. I used to think that I wasn’t a material person but after putting some thought into it I guess I am. I don’t think this is a bad think though.

Sure, some people will be thinking that there’s more to life than money and I wrote a post early this year which talked about exactly that but if you have it, why not enjoy it? I guess this is my reason for wanting the latest tech and gadgets to play with, because why not, right? Both Rachel and I work incredibly hard for what we have, we don’t smoke, we don’t really drink (apart from the odd glass of gin on an evening) and we don’t really go out that offered so why should’t we enjoy the nicer things in life?


Some of thing I have around the house and couldn’t imagine life without at the moment are our Amazon Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, my new fitness watch and of course my new phone. Owning these things at the moment make like just a little bit easier and a little more entertaining in between all the chaos.

In my mind, owning the latest gadgets and tech makes me more efficient, which improves the quality of my life. It connects me to people through social media and the other different platforms we use to communicate but it also connects me to the world around me. Somehow as technology gets better the world doesn’t feel as big. I feel empowered and I guess you could say it’s a status symbol.

Above all else though, it’s FUN. It’s enjoyable to sit down and figure out how to use it and I will sit there for as long as I can figuring it out. I know some people are resistance to new technology and see it as a burden but it isn’t going anywhere and it’s only going to get better so you might as well go with it.


What’s your feelings towards the latest gadgets and tech? Love it? Hate it? Not bothered by it? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My husband and father in law are terrible for gadgets! Hoovers, washing machines, phones, tablets, etc. they seem to have some mystical pull which makes them irresistible, lol! I’m happy with what I have as long as it works but those two have to have the newest thing as soon as it’s released. It does make me laugh but it also drives me insane because they rely on me to figure out how these new things work xx

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  2. I always have to have the latest tech and then I wonder why I brought it Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week


  3. Enjoyable Read! For me tech is all about connection and sharing to someone or something. That’s the magic…completely agree about making our life’s easier too.

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  4. I’m always about a decade behind. I still play PS3 and listen to CDs in the car. #thatfridaylinky

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  5. I am not at all bothered by having the latest tech, mostly because I can’t afford it! #thatfridaylinky


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