BIC Shave Club

Just about everyone you know has to shave hair off some part of their body and do so regularly so I’m sure you’ve realised that razor cartridges are one of the most expensive products on the face of the Earth. It’s almost as if the companies who make them are off digging up Middle Earth or extracting it from the bones of some mythical creature to find the metal for their razor blades.

I have always been a huge fan of the more traditional way to shave over an electric style. It seems to always bring me out a shaving rash, which isn’t a good look. So I always been a victim to the heightened prices and often find myself using cheaper disposable blade in order to save some money.

That’s where BIC Shave Club come in. A subscription package where you get cartridges right to your door for a pretty decent price.


It arrived in a simple and stylish box containing a handle and a cartridge. The main subscription box you’d received upon subscribing would contain a handle with four cartridges. One blade is claims to last you one week, depending on how often you shave of course.

| ‘Smart Shave, Smart Price.’

First impressions of the razor itself are good. It feels quite heavy which would put some people off but I think it gives it a premium feel and it looks smart too.


By the way, I got a nice pen too.


Now I’ve been growing my beard over the last few weeks after finally given in to my wife who has spend the whole eight years we’ve been together convincing me that it would look good if I let it grow. I’ve always preferred the clean shaven look but I’ve finally given in and I am now growing my beard and If I’m honest I kind of like it. So, when I got the opportunity to test the BIC razor I was a little reluctant since it’s taken me a few weeks to get it the length it is now. For the purpose of this review though I’ll give it a full out and go clean shaven to make sure it’s been tested properly

Plus, I’m interested to see how the precision blade on the opposite side works.

With the five blade system they have working for them, it took the hair straight off and in no time my neck was lovely and smooth. It didn’t get clogged up with hair like some of the disposable blades I used in the past, which made the whole job much quicker and easier.

I then turn the razor around and used the precision blade on the opposite side to the other blades, which is a very nice touch. It’s best used for area’s such as under the nose, sideburns and for those who keep their mustache, it’s great for tiding that area up too.



The blades clip on and off the razor so you can keep them out of the reach of little hands if you wanted too. Would I make any changes at all? As it’s a subscription package maybe it could have included some shaving balm or foam, like a travel size version and maybe a little carry case for it but that’s just my preference so I’m not moaning really.

Image result for bic shave clubAll in all, a great experience. I’d definitely recommend the BIC Shave Club.


*This post, even though it was sponsored by BIC Shave Club, it is my honest opinion. I hope you enjoyed it!*

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