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Parenting and coffee, they’re inextricably linked. Sure, there are those who somehow survive without it but for most of us, dealing with kids is borderline impossible in its absence. They keep you up late at night, they wake before it’s even light out and if you thing that isn’t bad enough, there’s the constant barrage of requests and endless questions to deal with, all before 9:00am. If this isn’t reason enough to hook yourself up to a caffeine drip every morning, I’m not sure what is?

We love our kids and want to be our best selves for them. Coffee just gives us that little extra boost so we can soldier on and hopefully, not have a complete breakdown before the day has even started.

That’s where Blue Coffee Box come in. A subscription package where you get three different types of coffee sent to your door every month for a pretty decent price.

It arrived in a simple and stylish box containing three different coffees for me to try, along with with very informative info cards so you know everything about the coffee you’re tasting. Where it’s grown, who grows it and what flavors to look out for. A nice touch by Blue Coffee Box.

| Your best ever coffee is here

First impressions of the coffee itself are good. I always prefer ground coffee to instant. I know some people don’t, maybe because it takes a little bit longer to make and is a little more expensive but I don’t mind because you really can tell the difference.

By the way, It tastes pretty awesome too.

This subscription package is less about just ensuring you don’t run out of your favourite coffee and is more about exploration and discovery. With Blue Coffee Box it isn’t a case of getting whatever you’re sent either, you have a choice. Whether you want beans or pre-ground for a specific brewer, and even what kind of roast you prefer. You don’t have to wait until a specific date in the month to get your first box either, it’s sent to you shortly after signing up.

I’ve been sent coffee from different roasters, from different origins and it’s really making me want to broaden my horizons with the variety of coffees I’m drinking. If I’m going to live on the stuff for a long while yet, I might as well get to some variety in there too, right?

The Coffee

I’ll update you on Instagram over time on how I’m getting on, I’ve only had a little sample of each so far, I haven’t gone full blown coffee infused with it yet but I am very impressed with what I’ve had so far. The packaging etc, is all very nice. The bags are very easy to open and to re-seal, and the info cards are really informative, lots of info, all the important stuff, producer, region, taste notes etc. If you really want to shout about your love affair with that caffeinated goodness then Blue Coffee Box is definitely for you.

With each passing year, I think I love coffee more. I wouldn’t go as far to say, it’s magical but it comes pretty close. I can’t imagine a world without it. As silly as it sounds, it’s not only about the coffee and the caffeine, but that moment when the warm liquid fills you up inside, when you know that you can take on everything that comes at you in this world and to me, that’s simply wonderful.

If you are a coffee lover yourself or If you’re looking for a gift for a coffee drinker then I can’t recommend this subscription box enough. I also have a special discount code which will give you £5 off your first order. Just add the code DTV5.


All in all, a great experience. I’d definitely recommend the Blue Coffee Box.

*This post, even though it was sponsored by Blue Coffee Box, it is my honest opinion. I hope you enjoyed it!*

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  1. What a wonderful review of our coffee, Carl. We are so pleased it’s hitting the spot and keeping you fueled up for your days ahead 🙂



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