I’m A Blogger Who Forgets To Blog

I’m sure it’s something that we can all related to and from my tweets this week, it would appear that I’m right.

My main job will always be looking after Olivia and Robyn and to be the best stay-at-home dad that I can possibly be. While tending to their needs will always come first, I am also helping The Positive Teacher Company (our other business) to be a successful career for both me and Rachel. If those two weren’t enough for me to be getting on with, I want my blog to become a successful part-time business that I can work on in between everything else

This is part of the problem, I seem to get so caught up in everything else I’m trying to achieve that I sometimes forget to actually write a blog! Sure, I’ve publish a couple of reviews, what I means is, blogging about the hot topic, about my thoughts, feelings and ideas. Sometimes it feels like my blog has become advertising space. Which isn’t the direction I want it to go in.

I have plenty rolling around my head, a lot of things to say and write about but the one thing I don’t have is the time write it down! I’ll have a idea or get inspiration for a post and think to myself ‘I’ll write about that later’, then later comes and I can’t be bothered to do it because It’s nine thirty in the evening and I’m spent. Does anyone else do this?


I have made a few friends through the blog who I talk to almost everyday (usually on Instagram or Twitter) but it feels like I’m talking to people who I’ve known for years and not actually ‘blogging.’ Does that make sense? It somehow doesn’t feel like work. Work that will move the blog forward. Am I over thinking it? Either way I am lucky to have met some pretty awesome people through the blog, some of whom I now call, friends!

Maybe I’ve been getting it wrong. Maybe blogging isn’t what I think it is? Does It really matter if I’m blogging daily, weekly or even monthly, as long as I’m creating content and sharing it with people. They’ll still engage with it via whichever social media platform it’s on.

I have a real love for Instagram and Twitter and my community is growing through regular interaction. Many of these people I now follow on numerous social media platforms and interact with daily, which is what it’s all about anyway, right? Interacting and talking to people, making the world feel like not such I big and scary place after all. The Facebook is getting a lot more interaction too, although it’s still a channel I struggle some sometimes.


Whether it’s the way I view blogging has changed or my main focus in life has altered, I’m not entirely sure. All I know for sure, I’m not concerned with how many hits my website is getting or how many views my latest posts has had. For me, it’s about interacting with friends and building on that community, not how many times I’ve posted this week/ month. Plus, as long as I’m having fun while doing it, it’s all worth while.

I guess I just wanted to keep you up to date. I may not be as active in terms of writing blog posts but for anyone that likes to keep up with what I’m doing, I am certainly active everywhere else.

Is anyone else like this? Let me know in the comments below.


DIY Daddy

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  1. You sound great Carl! I am a blogger who writes blog posts but forgets to promote them. This feels like therapy haha xx


  2. You’re nailing the interaction and the engagement which a lot of people don’t! Well done! I have two guaranteed blog spots a week. Any others that come up are a bonus. I set myself a schedule which I try and stick to, to get everything done. It can be hard to keep motivated and organised and sometimes it slips, I think that’s only natural. Either way, I try to make sure I’m done by 9pm in the evening, so I can still have some of my evening. I hope you find a balance soon 🙂 #ThatFridayLinky

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    • Thank you very much😊 thats very kind of you to say. I’m sure I’ll find a balance soon. I’ve found in the past that if I write one blog, several other ideas follow. Maybe it will happen again. Have a great weekend!


  3. I reckon the writing is easy: it’s the self-promotion bit is hard!! #ThatFridayLinky

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  4. We love creating content, regardless of where it’s place but also feel that we’ve neglected our blog recently in favour of pushing our YouTube Channel. It’s a fine balance and my folks work full time and struggle to fit it in. Just as long as you are enjoying being a blogger, let the schedule slip x #ThatFridayLinky x

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  5. You’re engaging and interacting which is fab! I love creating content but I am so exhausted most evenings I find it hard to get my thoughts down especially as I also have to fit client work in at the same time. Keep going for as long as you enjoy it, it’s your blog you set your own schedule that fits around you! #thatfridaylinky

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  6. Yup – I know what you mean. I have a burst of creativity with posts I write, then I just dry up and forget about it. I too love Instagram, Twitter – hmm maybe, and Facebook I well I do have the Yorkshire Dad of 4 page on there but it’s just auto-posted stuff from the blog and Instagram at the moment.

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  7. I don’t think you’re alone at all. I think it is quite common. When juggling lots of things at the same time it is easy to do. My focus has completely shifted of late and I really need to get some focus back on something and I know that engaging is what I plan to work on first! #ThatFridayLinky

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  8. You’re most definitely not alone! I’m struggling to write posts at the moment as well. I have so many ideas but not got the time (or patience) to sit down to write them. And I’m also just posting collabs and stuff and I feel it’s taken over. I need to get back to my roots.


  9. Count me in too. I write for myself, to share my thoughts, to quench my soul. The whole idea of blogging is to preserve my moments on this planet. There are enough things we do professionally as per clients’ wants. But personal blog is away from all that. It’s simple and honest sharing. Keep sharing! Keep blogging!

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