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| If you are not an avid all-year-round gardener, but fancy a dabble at a bit of carefree gardening, I think you might be in luck.

With busy lives, many of us are looking to keep gardening tasks to a manageable level simply because of space, location, having the time or don’t have the ability or enthusiasm to maintain a garden. All too often the most common answer to this problem is to pave the whole thing over. Low or easy maintenance gardening is what many people (including myself) opt for, either through necessity or preference. My necessity being trying to raise a family, run a successful blog and help Rachel with her flourishing business. Low maintenance gardening doesn’t always have to mean, bland and uninspired, It just means we maybe need to think about gardening a little differently

Of course, space, location and all the other reasons aside, many people do aspire to be  garden lovers are put off by having a limited time to look after a garden or even just not knowing where to start. Thankfully, I have discovered a much better way to manage my garden without becoming slave to it.

This is where Lazy Flora come in. A subscription package that offers to send you a ready made garden in a box right to your door for a pretty decent price. Think Hello Fresh but for gardening.


It arrived in a simple and stylish box containing Eight plants, a bag of compost and a very informative info card with everything about the plants and flowers you might receive in your box (the box is modified depending on availability and time of year) and how to take care of them. In a nutshell, it contains everything you need to get started on turning your garden into a urban oasis. A nice touch by Lazy Flora.

| Indoor and outdoor plants with minimal maintenance. All the fun and none of the hassle!

First impressions were good. The flowers came protected, well wrapped and fresh enough you’d think they’d be picked that very morning.


By the way, they smell amazing too.

This subscription box is perfect for us a family. Trying to get two girls under four out of the house is sometimes more trouble then it’s worth, so I like to come up with activities that we can do at home. Gardening and planting flowers is one such activity. For myself and Olivia anyway. Robyn is probably a little bit to young for this one. It gets them outside in the fresh air, it promotes hands on learning, teaches them about the environmental and gives them self-confidence. Sure, they could learn all that in the class room but being outside and learning it first hand wins every time in my book. You don’t have to wait until a specific date in the month to get your first box either, it’s sent to you shortly after signing up.

I’ve been sent a variety of different plants and it’s really making me want to broaden my horizons when it comes to gardening. If I’m going to try and get my little ones interested in being outside and the flora and fora that is around them , I might as well get to some variety in the garden to start them off, right?

The Plants

I’ll update you on Instagram over time on how I’m getting on, they’ve only been planted for a little while but it’s so far so good. The packaging etc, is all very nice. Well protected, easy to open and completely recyclable. The info cards are really informative, lots of info, all the important stuff like, information on each plant and how to care for them. If you really want to shout about your love for all think horticultural then Lazy Flora is definitely for you.


I am definitely no Monty Don, no matter how much you want to stretch your imagination. I walk into a garden centre and I feel overwhelmed and lost. I genuinely have no idea what to buy for the season or where to plant it but the idea of having a well presented garden does appeal to me. So the idea of having everything I need in one box, delivered right to my door, with a step by step guide and all the information I need is perfect for me.

If you are a keen gardener, you know someone who is just starting or simply looking for a gift then I can’t recommend this subscription box enough.


Lazy Flora purple logo transparent background

All in all, a great experience. I’d definitely recommend Lazy Flora


*This post, even though it was sponsored by Lazy Flora, it is my honest opinion. I hope you enjoyed it!*

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