My Daughters Make Me A Better Person

My girls are at that age where I am an essential part of their everyday lives, from the moment they wake, till the second I watch them nod off to sleep. I carefully plan and watch over them, protecting and nurturing them and try my best to ensure their happiness even if it makes me feel utterly exhausted at times. We have a million and one things going on, too many to count sometimes and with so many plates spinning all at once it’s easy to get overwhelmed. My energy gets sapped and I have to work extra hard to produce my best work. Can you relate?

However, despite all the tiring days and the days where you feel like you can’t possibly take anymore my girls seems to do more for me than I ever do for them. They inspire me to be the best possible version of myself. They make me want to work as hard as I possibly can to make sure they never have to want for anything. They make me want to be that person who is more caring, has more patience, who enjoys the simply things in life and feel like I’m the luckiest person on the planet

All to often I see and hear parents ‘slagging’ their kids off, especially on social media. They use phrases like “I can’t wait until you go back to school” and “go away, your doing by head in.” It makes me sad. It makes me sad because I would ever speak to my girls or anyone else in that manor. I am the only one who wants their kids with them or near them all the time? I hate it when Olivia goes to nursery and I’m not with her or when I have to leave them to go off to work. If I thought either of them would respond to me home schooling them, I would. Sure, every parent has their moments and any parents who says they don’t are clearing suffering from memory loss due to tiredness.

So, I have come up with five reasons why my daughters make me a better person.

Empathy towards others. The hardest job in the world is parenting and until I had my own children I didn’t fully appreciate how hard it was. Now I know how my own Mum and Dad felt and are probably still feeling. Does the work of a parent ever stop!?

They remind me of the joys of childhood. Having my babies has given me no option but to lay on the floor with them, colour in or play pretend with Barbie dolls

They make me appreciate the simple things. They live in the moment and enjoy things for what they are. They accept and see the good in others without judgement. There is no need to over complicate things.

They make me feel like the luckiest person on the planet. I can’t help but look at my children on a daily basis and feel an immense amount of pride. I still can’t believe that I co-created them.

They make me feel hopeful for the future. My girls are three and one but are already strong, intelligent and resilient. They give me hope for the future of girls and women in what is still a masculine dominated world.


In short, they enrich my life in many wonderful ways. So let’s celebrate our children for being who they are, which for me is nothing short of amazing!

Do your little ones make you a better? Let me know in the comments below

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