I Thought I Knew My Kids Until…

My girls love YouTube. I mean LOVE IT. From unboxing videos, watching other kids play with toys and other unusual things I don’t get. They just can’t get enough. They would rather watch that above anything on Cbeebies, Netflix or any one of the other streaming service we use.

Now, up until now I have personally taken pride in the fact I am always aware of what they are watching simply to protect them while they’re online. At the same time I always try to make an effort to be interested as I can be in whatever they’re interested in. The way I see it, If I know as much as they do about something and I can get excited about it, then it stands to reason they’ll be even more excited and more interested, right? It would even turn into something else we can bond over. Basically, it’s just another excuse for me to be a big kid and play with toys.

However, I think I’m failing? It would appear Olivia know all the names of the characters in PJ Masks despite never watching it. How is this possible? I spend 90% of my week with both of them. Clearly I need to up my game.

She’s also aware of something called Shimmer and Shine and an L.O.L Doll. Does anyone know what either of these are? The only way she could of possible learnt about any of these is through YouTube. So this got me thinking. Do I really know what my kids are watching? Clearly not and this upsets me.

As the at-home parent and a constant presence in my girls daily life I always felt it important to take an active interest in the things they like (which changes on a daily basis at this age) and to know as much about it as I can so I can bond with them over it. I guess I want to be seen as cool modern parent. Whether or not I am achieving this after yesterdays revelation is questionable. So how did it happen?

Is it as simple as we are often so busy dealing with the “urgent” business of today that we forget to just stop and play with them, to watch what they’re watching or to answer one of their endless questions. We have been so busy trying to keep all our plates spinning that the most important things have been forgotten. Well not anymore! If being a at-home parent has taught me anything over the past three years it’s that my priority always needs to be them and if there is something that they like then I should try and like it too.

So if you need me I’ll be on the floor with my kids playing with Duplo, watching PJ Masks and eating bread and butter because whi needs the hassle of being an adult when I could be going all this with my girls? Not me.

Do you know what your kids are watching when they’re on YouTube? I can’t be the only parent who’s ever found themselves in this situation? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. My girls watch random video on YouTube. For eldest it’s a mix of My Little Pony, the Fizzy Toy Show and Cookie Swirl C. I’ve also just introduced her to Ever After High! Youngest loves watching the Baby Shark song and some other random videos of that ilk.


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