Christmas Gift Guide | Dad Edition

It’s almost December and you know what that means? Yes, Christmas! So get online and get the big man something, but what?

Shopping for Dads is easy, a new razor, pair of socks and some smelly stuff and it’s job done. The only problem is that there are so many male grooming products to choose from it’s anyone’s guess which are the best for the old boy.

Here, I’m a Dad I’ll give you hand. These are some of the products I’ve been sent to have a look at and here’s what I think about them, for full product details click the linked titles. There’s surely something here for your old man too… | The Leather Wallet

Like many other men out there I’ve the same wallet for as long as I can remember but It’s got to the point where it’s coming apart at the seam. This one from Zippo is seriously smart and made from 100% genuine leather. It’s cool because I don’t even have to take my card out of the holder to pay.

King Cobra Beer | King Cobra Beer

I’m not much of a beer drinker these days. For us, 2018 has been all about Gin so when I came across this is one, I was intrigued. It’s completely different to other beers, and is double fermented in the bottle, a process normally reserved for fine Trappist ales. This gives it a full-bodied taste. One bottle of this and I was well on my way. It’s the perfect different gift for Christmas. I know what I’ll be drinking over the festival period.

NEW Wilkinson Sword | Classic Razor

I love Wilkinson Sword as a brand and this one is a perfect gift for the grooming guru dads who like to keep themselves trim. I’ve tried many different razors over the past year or so and this one is definitely one of my favorites. I love the classic style and vintage feel of this razor. It reminds of me of having a shave in a traditional barbers shop.

Critically Endangered Socks | The Socks And Badge

A Company that sells socks that support the world most critically endangered animals by giving 20% of sales to Charity. Each sock will come individually boxed, will help a different charity and contain an endangered animal fact sheet. These have quickly become the socks that I wear the most. They are brilliant socks and a fantastic gift. I would genuinely love a present that was not only useful but came from a small business trying to make a big difference | Frenzy Recreational Scooter

So I said to myself that I wanted something different for my gift guide this year and this is definitely different The Frenzy Recreational Scooter is a perfect choice for anyone wanting to join in with their kids while they’re off on their scooters. I’m not sure that dad is me but I know a few dad that would love this a gift. If you’re looking for something different then this is the way to go.

Not For Ponies | T-Shirts

Not for Ponies is a British independent lifestyle brand that aims to give you smile-evoking, quirky lifestyle products. There’s plenty to choose from including from clothing, accessories and home ware for men, women and kids, all at affordable prices.

I’m normally very fussy when it comes to t-shirts and rarely find one I actually like enough to buy. They have to have a certain feel and fit in a certain way otherwise I won’t even look twice. These tees however, tick all the right boxes. They fit and feel like your favourite t-shirt you’ve been wearing for years. | BLU-300 Wireless Bluetooth Sports Earphones & Headphone Hanger

SO, you’re on the treadmill, your wired earphones plugged into your phone. The right arm comes up…wham! You’ve unplugged yourself and you’ve sent your phone hurtling onto the tread of your startled treadmill neighbour. Next time you buy headphones, make sure you buy Bluetooth headphones. These ones from Brainwavz are ones specifically designed for sports users. Plus there good value too, at only $39.50

I’ll be honest, I haven’t used them in a gym setting. I use mine while i’m out walking the dogs but the problem is the same. All to often I have to feed the headphone wire up through by top and hang them around my neck. The main problem I have is then, they keep falling out my ears. These bad boys solve all those little problem and the noise cancelling stuff, I can’t hear anybody else either. Perfect.

The Headphone Hangers are a sturdy, stylish and truly adaptable accessory for those that need a little organization in their lives.

Ross & Ross Foods | The Man Box

If you’re looking for something different to buy this Christmas then you’ve found it. The Man Box is the perfect gift for any occasion! It’s full of delicious meat snacks and beer, what more could a man want?! If you’re buying for someone who truly appreciates proper British food, then you need to get this Man Box.


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And that’s that! Inevitably most of us will resort to the default presents but at least you know which ones are the top picks… According to me, but I am a Dad so there’s no better judge really.

There’s no excuses now, there’s plenty to go at here. Let me know what you decide and get me tagged in your Christmas gift photos.


*This was a collaborative post*


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  1. Some pretty nifty products on the list. Cobra Beer is what they stock at our loca Indian restaurant. Husband does like it actually. Might be a stocking filler for him.

    Loving the Not For Ponies T-shirts!


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