About Me

Welcome to The Dadtastic Voyage!


I’m Carl, a thirty-something, happily married guy, who blogs as The Dadtastic Voyage.

Living in West Yorkshire with the missus (Rachel), two daughters (Olivia and Robyn) and two Zuchon puppies (Joey and Phoebe). I started this blog to share my experiences, learnings, failings and random thoughts about being a Dad. This is partly to document our lives, partly to give a Dad’s perspective on being a parent but mainly to keep me out of trouble…

The Dadtastic Voyage blog chronicles my experiences as a Dad to my two awesome daughters. It all started in 2015 when the missus went back to work and my life as a stay-at-home Dad in a very mummy-focused world of parenting began. I am now two years into the ‘job’ and I have no serious injuries or fatalities to speak of.


My content is quite varied- I pretty much write about anything. One minute I’ll be writing something random about life with a toddler and a baby, the next I’ll be showing off the latest Marvel t-shirt that has been added to my growing collection!

What I write about though, I try to make sure it’s entertaining, interesting and most importantly honest. I am by no means a ‘pro-blogger’ as my primary job is looking after Olivia and Robyn, but I want my blog to become a successful part time business I can run during nap times: theirs and mine.


I welcome all comments, questions, suggestions, approaches, random messages and abuse. If you have, or haven’t liked-what you’ve read. You can contact me via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or through the ‘Contact Me’ Page.