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I’m Carl Turner and I blog as The Dadtastic Voyage.

Living in Leeds, West Yorkshire with my beautiful wife Rachel and my two daughters Olivia and Robyn. I started this blog in June 2017 while I was on my Seventeen-week Shared Parental leave. I wanted to share the things I get right, the things I get wrong and the things I learn about what It means to be a Dad. I also wanted to give a Dad’s perspective on the world of parenting and also to stop myself going completely insane.

The Dadtastic Voyage is all about my life as a Dad to my two beautiful daughters. My Life as a stay-at-home Dad started in 2015 when Olivia was six months old and Rachel was coming to the end of her maternity leave. I was working full time as retail SM at the time in a fairly well-paid position but we both felt like we didn’t want to have to put Olivia into private childcare. So it was decided that I would leave my comfortable job to be at home to give Olivia the attention that she deserved and Rachel would go back to work full time and take on the ‘traditional’ male role as the main breadwinner.

I am now three years into the ‘job’ and our life is about to take another dramatic turn as we have started a business together. Working for ourselves as always been our long-term dream. To become a completely self-surfactant family, taking on the world in our way is the ultimate goal for us. The Positive Teacher Company is quickly becoming Rachel main focus so it has been decided that I will venture back into the corporate world a little earlier than planned. Don’t worry though, The Dadtastic Voyage is here to stay, just a little bit different.


I mainly write about my life with a preschooler and a toddler that is about it hit the terrible twos. I try to keep my content as varied as I can. One post will be about my latest adventure with the girl, the next I might be talking about what has either annoyed me or amused me when I’m out and about. When I’m not writing about those two things, I’ll be writing about a thought that I had and I needed to share with everyone in the blogging community.

Whatever I’m writing about, I’ll try to make it an easy read and most importantly honest. Have a look at some of my most successful posts

My main job is looking after Olivia and Robyn, but I want my blog to become a successful part-time business that I can work on between tending to their needs and working full or part-time. Whichever one I end up doing. I have already been recognized as a ‘Top 40 SAHD Bloggers’






What to know where else I’ve been? Please have a look at my ‘As Featured On’ page.

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